How to solve the Rubik’s cube easily

    Today I want to introduce you to how to solve a Rubik’s Cube easily. Rubik’s cube is a 3D combination puzzle. It helps to explain three dimensional geometry. 

           Mainly  Rubik’s Cube has 6 faces. It is a mathematical puzzle at its Core and a logic behind solving it. It has unique characteristics. It attracts attention from people. This was used as a  brain training toy. On the internet  we can see many type of formula to solve a Rubik’s Cube. 

        Today we can see how to solve a Rubik’s Cube easily. It is the easiest way. It  has no other formula.Firstly hold a Rubik’s cube in your hand and place the right block  on the right side with your right hand and turn it to the right. Then do it on the opposite side. Then place the left block on the left side with your left hand and turn it to the left. Then do it on the opposite  side.

     The center  colors do not move. The part that always comes in the middle white, should be at the bottom. White  will being in the middle above and always be in the yellow middle part. So create a flower with the white colour around the yellow.

    We will get a white flower around yellow . Select the colour of any side of the white flower. Bring the colour next to it so that it becomes match. Turn the block to the right once. Then place it next to the white flower to match the colour as before. Do the same with all the petals of the white flower.

     We will get a white cross. We can change 3 more colors in the white part. Check the colour next to the white and place it next to it.  Set the colour cross. Then do the right moment twice as we did earlier. We will get one layer full white.

     Next we can solve the other the other colour and do the movements as earlier.  We can solve who layers.  Above the side we will get a yellow line. Move front side to the right and do the right movements. 

       Do the right movements and left movements three times. Change the white colour face up.  Do the right movement 4 times.

        Again do the right and left movements once. Then do the right and left movements  5 times. We solved  the Rubik’s cube.

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