How to sharpen scissors at home

          Today I would say one thing that it is useful for everyone who uses scissors. If we use scissors for a long time it reduce the sharpness and it will not be able to cut . Let us see how to increase its sharpness at home.  Today we introduce you to a sharpening mechanism that will take you at Rs 20 through the whole year.


 P120 silicon carbide waterproof paper –  1 Water – a small bowl

Steel scale    – 1

Scissor  – 1

 cloth Piece  – 1

  • P 120 silicon carbide waterproof papers  are available at hardware shops and paint shops at just Rs 20.
  • Cut the paper in square shape.
  • For this paper around in a steel scale.
  • Hold the scissors get inside.
  • After folding a bed sheet and fold  the scissors into a side of a cloth.
  • When we are sharpening scissors, these scissors should not move. 
  • After taking some water in a bowl, dip it  in the scales covered with this paper.
  • Apply little pressure and move like this.
  • Press and move  the paper to the sharp edge  of the scissors. 
  • Doing this can be really sharp the  scissor.
  • Once you have sharpened  one side of the scissor, sharpening the next side.
  • These are the two sides  that we need to sharpen.
  • Now our scissors  are sharpened. 
  • From one sheet of paper we will get  4 pieces.
  • We can increase sharpness in just a few minutes.
  •  Just sharpen upper edge  of the scissor only. 
  •  Please try this and share this information to others.

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