How to set the signal of  the dish antenna using a mobile

     Today I would like to inform you about how to correct the dish antenna using mobile.  Many people using dish antenna. Dish Antenna designed to receive and transmit information by radio waves from satellite.  It receives direct broa dcast satellite television from a direct broad cast satellite.  In the dish antenna ,we can see the parabolic antennas.

     We can fix the dish TV antenna.Turn on the TV.Stand behind the dish and place the hand at the clockwise position on the reflector. Loosen the bolts and adjust the dish.

      We can operated the dish antenna by using mobile. We can controll the dish antenna in all directions through mobile phone.

    In dish antenna  customers.,the main problem  is  we can’t see the TV due to lack of accurate signal. It is mainly occur due to climate changes.   But we can correct the signal using mobile. We can’t need help from technicians. We can use Android mobile application for this problem.

      Install quick sat app from Google play store. Select single satellite. Select antenna SMC40. Add the locate.Location will be displayed.  Select mesat 13 for sundirect.We can see the codes of different brands.Select the elevation of dish.67.76 is normal.You can hear a beep sound when you lift the dish up and reach the angle.

      Select the azimuth option(206.77). Now we can see a compass.It will show the angle.Set the phone mounted angle on top of the dish.we will get the signal.It is very easy way to change the position of the dish antenna using mobile application. 

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