How to set a CCTV camera at home

    Today I would like to inform you about how to set up a CCTV camera at home. CC TV stands means closed circuit television.  It is commonly  used to detect criminal activities and record traffic infractions.Many types of CCTV cameras are available. 

     We can monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting signals to a monitor.   This system is used to recognize criminals. It is set in car parking areas,homes,offices,public transport  areas,etc.It provides increased sense of security. 

     Today we can see how to set a CCTV at home. We can see houses,offices,farms from other places or countries in HD level. We can set the Imou ranger security camera.we can turn this camera using our mobile. It has smart tracking,human detection options.

      We will get clear night vision. Its price is 2099. We can purchase it online. We can hear sound also.  It needs WiFi. We can download  imou life application using barcode and connect with our mobile.we will get indoor and outdoor  cameras. We can see  clearly 30 meter at night.It only needs power cable and wifi. We will give 2 dollars/month for recording.

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