How to see online classes in big screen using a small projector 


    Now that is in lockdown, all children continue their education through online classes in offline learning students are required to travel to the school but online learning the education can be conducted from practically anywhere in the world. Online class of new students more autonomy over their learning. Teaching on the internet is teaching in virtual reality but not in reality. Virtual teaching cannot replace classroom  teaching. Digital learning has made  learning interesting and fun for students.

      A lot of students studying in various schools  of the state experienced various health problems due to prolonged online classes.The health issues are backache,headache,fatigue,eye problems and insomnia. Parents and teachers observe the behavioral changes of children.They have behavioral changes like bunking online classes,negative  attitudes, misusing the internet,etc.

     They lose their confidence, low motivation. It reduces the direct contact between teachers and students.  It decreases self esteem,increased incidence of drug abuse,alcohol,increased headaches,phobias,and paranoia. 

     Today we can see how to make a big screen for online classes.It is a small projector.  It is very useful.It has a good quality.It helps to attend the class in adequate distance.  It helps  to reduce  the eyesight  problems. 

      It is a portable projector. We will get a portable  projector, remote control, connector cable,12 v power adapter.we can control all functions  using the remote. The projector also has function  buttons and control keys.

       We can see a slot for inserting a micro SD card,headphone jack,audio video input socket,HDMI,USB like DC input.We can adjust the focus of the lens with a has 600 luminous power and 320×240 pixel has LED light has 30,000 hr life.we can use this projector  for home use.we will get good quality pictures. It supports all formats. It has an internal speaker.we can connect external  audio systems.we can order through  online.

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