How to secure your  home from theives

              These are looking for easy access property in houses. Learn some ways you can protect your home from thieves.

  •  Lock it up or risk losing it. Many people do not lock all doors and Windows before they leave their home. Never forget to lock your door and windows. 
  • use motion sensing light inside and outside. 
  • Your home should have some form of a  Security System. 
  • Eliminate hiding places like  trees, plants.
  • Always put away  stools and Ladders.
  • Add security cameras. Using a security camera with a mobile app. You can see footage in real time.
  •  schedule lights  to turn on and off when you are on vacation.
  •  You should check the lock of kitchen because most of theives  are enter inside through the kitchen.
  • You should not open the door, when the strangers calling.
  • Make a distance from strange guests.
  • Should not open the door,  if you hear noise from outside, opening the tap.
  •  You do not switch off the mobile during night time.
  •  Don’t broadcast details about your trips through social media.
  •  Ladders, wirecutters, hammers are stored in your locked garage.
  • Get a dog. 
  • Get to know your neighbours

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