How to save mobile battery charge

Mobile phone charger is a step down transformer. It provides constant voltage and constant to the battery. Mobile charging is the circuit that recharges the batteries in a portable product. Mobile phones play an important role in our lives. The charging depends on the size and type of the battery being charged. Modern battery charges adapt the charging parameters dynamically. An empty battery can be charged faster without any risk. Charging field is still fragmented. 5V/2A charging delivers 10 watt of power. Oppo, Vivo,and oneplus share some intellectual property. These phones use a quick charging solution. Oppo has vooc flash charge. Vivo has fast battery charge. Oneplus use the dash charge.Huawei has a proprietary fast battery charging solution.

Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. Mobile charges are working on Simple principles such as a conversion of AC to DC. Mobile charger is used to charge the battery of the phone. Battery gives DC voltage to charge itself. But home power distributors provide AC power. Because AC transmission is easy. The basic components of a mobile charger are step down Transformer, voltage regulator and Rectifier. Step down transformer is step down the AC to DC by the principle of mutual induction. Rectifier is the input that goes into the bridge wave rectifier and converts AC to DC by charging a sinusoidal wave to full wave. At the end the input goes to the voltage regulator.

There are different types of reasons why your phone might not charge. The most common reasons for mobile failing to charge are faulty cable,charger or socket, dirt in the charging port, software update is required, third party applications interrupting the charging process. Find out the problem and make a solution. If you determine that your charging cable is not working you can buy a new one. Most phone chargers and cables look similar. But there can be huge differences between the quality and charging speed of mobile chargers. You should use an official charging cable. It helps to maximize the battery life of your mobile phone.

Using an unofficial charger can cause damage to your phone. Here are some fixes to try if your phone is not charging. Before you start searching Google for ‘why my phone won’t charge ‘, you should turn your phone off and on again. The reason why your phone is not charging when plugged in is that there has been a simple connection problem. A reboot should always be the first thing you do. Restarting your phone will stop the background services and solve your mobile charging problem. Restart refreshes phones core components. To perform reboot quickly and simply hold the power button and then tap the restart option.

If your phone does not charge after a reboot then booting your phone in safe mode. Safe mode is a sandbox environment that restricts the phone to just the software originally shipped with. Third party applications you have downloaded wont run in safe mode. If you are able to charge your phone in safe mode, you can confirm that you are considering any apps you have downloaded recently. It may cause charging issues. Uninstalling recent applications and rebooting your phone normally.

How to save mobile battery

Switch off the bluetooth, wifi, location.
Change the wall papers to dark
Change the themes of whatsapp, instagram, facebook to dark themes
Switch on the dark themes.
Switch off the vibration
Change the vibration from the keyboard. Select preference from settings and reduce the vibration strength of the keyboard.
Change the vibration from telegram. Select notification sounds from settings and disables the vibration from calls.
Change the vibration from whatsapp. Select notification from settings and change the vibration.

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