How to reuse the non stick pan 

               We have non stick utensils in all our homes. We mostly use nonstick pans during this period. This is because it is sufficient to use less oil in nonstick pans. But if the non stick utensils are damaged then we cannot use them. Non stick fry Pan and other utensils are commonly used by everyone. But it is likely to go away after sometime any damage in the  coating. We find a lot of non stick pans in our homes that have lost their coating. It is common for all of us to leave the pans if the coating is gone on a non stick pan.

            But we can reuse these  non stick pans without leaving . Let’s see how to reuse this non stick containers without leaving . Take a non stick Pan without coating. It is better not to use utensils lost little coating.  The rest of the coating is likely to come out when we cook the food. Let’s see how we can reuse it.


  • Sandpaper

                 A sand  paper is used here for that. Take a non stick Pan without  coating. Rub all over the pan with this Sandpaper . All you have to do is make a small pieces of sand paper and rub it well. Rinse this non stick pan after it has rubbed well . Str  the coating all over the pan with sandpaper. Then rinse the pan thoroughly. After all the coating is gone, we can use it just like we use aluminium utensils. 

                  Once the coating has gone through the non stick pan , there is no need to discard it. We can reuse it like  normal utensils after the rest of the coating is discarding . Please share this information to others

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