How to resolve Google pay money transfer processing problem


          Google pay is a digital platform and it is an online payment system developed by Google. It simplifies the process of money transfer through the websites. It allows simple money transfer transactions. It helps the users to make payments in stores that accept UPI based transactions. You can purchase online .It not only saves customers time and effort. It allows people to send and receive money to others.It helps to one stop shop for purchases ,payment methods and passes. You can receive and send money quickly. It helps to pay utility bills ,recharge mobile phones,and make shopping online.

      It offers pre approved loans .It helps to pay for things fastly.It is a very secure platform. It doesn’t need extra charges for can use it easily. It helps to make fast and secure mobile  payments. It is a free application. You can use this application for business  purposes. It uses encryption and authentication to protect transactions. 

      It is a free and easy way for small entrepreneurs to enable digital payments without the hassle of time consuming verification. It helps partnerships,localisation, and ecosystem approach. It is acceptable in all is used in gas stations, restaurants, clothing stores, pharmacies,beauty shops,etc.

     It protects your payments with multiple layers of security. It doesn’t share your card number. So your information stays can set up Google pay easily. You don’t need to add money to Google pay.All you need to add payment like debit or credit can use it  in apps,stores, websites. You can pay with your phone.

     We can see how to resolve Google pay money processing issue. Numerous payment apps are available. You can enable it by downloading an application from playstore. You can connect credit or debit cards to your Google accounts. It is the safest application since it generates a unique encrypted number instead of an actual credit card number. 

      Google pay can link with more than 100 banks . You can check the bank before the transaction. You can order food online,mobile recharge, DTH cable TV recharge through Google pay. It has no service  charge for transaction. 

      But sometimes it has some issues like bank servers are unavailable. Sometimes banks may not accept payment requests due to server issues. You will get a message please try again  later.It will get rectified shortly from the have to wait until the problem is rectified. 

Sometimes there may be problems from the customer’s side,you may have poor internet connection ,it leads to issues with transactions. You should need a stable internet connection to get the response from bank servers.Before making a transaction you should link your bank account to Google pay.If there is any issue from the bank account server, you can change your primary bank account. 

How to change the primary bank account in Google pay 

  • Open Google pay application 
  • Tap profile picture option
  • Select payment methods
  • You can see linked bank accounts
  • You can select the account which you want to set as primary account 
  • Now your primary  account will be changed to another bank .
  • You can proceed with the transaction. 

      Sometimes fraudsters are targeting its users to carry out fraud and make quick money.most of the people are falling prey to this fraud and losing hard earned money.  Some people lost money through Google pay during the time of transaction. You do not panic during this process time. But the bank doesn’t give any information.  If your Google pay sees processing mode ,you should wait for 3 to 5 bank working days. 

     You can see the status of your transaction. After 5 days you can register a dispute.  You can communicate and register complaint.And solve your problem. You should not call any numbers from Google pay customer care numbers. You may lose cash again.

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