How to repel the mosquitoes from our house through natural method

                   Our monsoon season is a time when mosquito infestation is very high. Mosquitoes cause a lot of health problems. Mosquitoes also cause many diseases. We must have used a lot of methods to get rid of these mosquitoes. But when the doors and windows are opened again the mosquitoes keep coming. 

                 We often buy many medicines from the market to repel mosquitoes. But these are all deadly poisons. It can cause many respiratory diseases.  But we can also avoid mosquitoes in a natural way. The first thing to do is to eliminate the possibility of mosquitoes growing around your home.

            Today I am sharing with you a home remedy that is needed to get rid of mosquitoes completely from our home.


 Incense  – 4 piece 

 Mustard  – 2 tsp 

 Charcoal  – 1 bowl

           Let’s crush the mustard. Transfer the mustard powder to a bowl.  Burn the charcoal well, we have taken. We can take charcoal ready just like we do in ordinary houses to pick incense. We can take the incense in the same bowl we used to lift it. Then put the incense we have placed  in the charcoal. 

          Then we can add the powdered mustard to it. When this mustard powder is added,  the smoke will come out nicely and the mustard smell will repel the mosquitoes from the house. The advantage of this is that we can repel mosquitoes naturally.This is very effective method.  So please try this and share this information to others. 

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