How to repel mosquitoes with onions

          We use many methods to repel mosquitoes.But often the truth is that none of them work. Many of the mosquito repellents  used are harmful to our health. 

          They contain chemicals that can even affect our lungs. Therefore first of all, it is essential that we avoid mosquito breeding grounds.

               I want to share with you a way to prevent the Mosquito biting. Let me share with you how to reduce mosquito nuisance with onion. Putting it in our room will reduce the mosquito nuisance in our house.

                      we can use Onion for this. To do this take an onion and chop it into small pieces without peeling. Then put it in a flat bowl and place in our room. Mosquitoes  are less likely to come because of the smell of onion. 

             This onion should be sliced without peeling and washing. So we do not have any side effect. It does not  cause us any health problems.

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