How to repair flashing LED bulbs easily 


    We use light bulbs everyday everywhere. You should know the difference between LED and incandescent lighting.LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and eco friendly lighting. It uses 85% less energy than Incandescent bulbs. It wastes less energy by producing a low amount of heat. It emits light directly instead of 360 degrees. It saves energy because it is focused to a certain degree instead of creating more energy.Incandescent lights produce light by heating a wire filament to a specific temperature. The wire is surrounded by a glass bulb that is filled with the inert gas. LED bulbs do not have  filaments.A diode is an electrical device with two electrodes that allow electricity to pass through. The electricity enters through the anode and exits through the cathode.

      An LED bulb is made from semiconductive material and it is rapid in plastic. When current passes through the electrodes and semiconductive material it emits lights. Inke Anderson the light bulbs are cheaper than LED. LED bulbs have long lifespan, energy efficiency and low maintenance cost.It reduces the cost of electricity and overall energy use.LED means Light Emitting Diodes.It is a semiconductor device. It provides many benefits for industrial and commercial businesses. 

Benefits of LED lights

  • Low voltage operation 
  • Long,life span
  • Dimming capability 
  • Directionality
  • Design flexibility 
  • No heat emissions 
  • Ability to operate in cold conditions 
  • No heat emissions 
  • No UV emissions 
  • Instant lighting 
  • Ability to withstand frequent switching

      An average incandescent bulb lasts about a thousand hours. But the lifespan of an average LED light is 50000 hours. An LED light can last from 6 to 12 years. It is 40 times longer than Incandescent bulb. It has Energy Efficiency. You can measure the energy efficiency of a light in useful lumens. LED lights produce less waste light and more useful lumens than others.

      It is an environmentally friendly option. It helps to  extend the manufacturing process. LED lights perform better in cold temperatures. So it is a better choice for lighting in freezers, meat lockers, cold storage spaces, refrigerated display cases etc. LED bulbs are very small because we can use them in any application. If you string together a series of LED bulbs you can create a line of lights.

     LED bulbs can turn on and off instantly. It performs almost any power percentage from 5 to 100%. LED bulbs are high efficiency light sources. These bulbs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent can save money and energy. 

     LED s are very durable and reliable. It uses 50% less electricity. It aims light in a specific direction. It does not burn out .It can reduce  labor costs of replacing bulbs in commercial  situations. Without filaments these bulbs are breakage resistant, immune to vibration,etc.

     We can see how to repair the  flashing LED bulbs. We can repair it easily. Open the glass with a screwdriver. You can see the LED panel. You can see a driver board connected to a socket. Remove the LED panel.Then Remove it with a screwdriver. You can see the electronic light capacitor.Replace the capacitor. Solder the legs and remove the capacitor. 

      Replace 100 mF or 220 mF 100 v electrolytic capacitor. Connect it and solder the can check the parts of it with a multimeter. Chip can’t get it. So we can replace DOB LED panels.we can connect 230v supply directly  to it. You can buy 9v and connect it in parallel. Then fit the LED panel and test the bulb. You can see the LED bulb lighten very well. So you can repair it easily. 

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