How to renew passport  online 2021

            Passport is an official  document  for travel issued  by the government.   It contains the identity of a person.  A passport  helps to travel to and from foreign  countries.  It certifies the nationality of a person. It contains name,photograph,place ,date of birth,signature, etc.Many countries  have biometric  passports that contain embedded microchips. Variety  of passports are available  in the world. Most common varieties  are ordinary  passports  issued to individual  citizens.  Some countries  issue family passports. Individuals are only permitted to hold one passport. Individuals hold ordinary and official  passports also. 

         Emergency  passports are issued to persons whose passports  were lost,stolen .These passports  has very short time durations.diplomatic passports  are issued to senior staffs,head of government, senior foreign  ministry employees, etc.Official passports  are issued to senior government  officials travelling  on state business who are not eligible  for diplomatic  passports. 

We can apply for a passport online. 

How to apply online

  • Visit the official  website  of passport  seva kendra online.
  • It needs a registered login ID.
  • Click apply for a fresh passport.
  • Enter the required  details. 
  • Submit the application. 
  • Click pay and schedule an appointment. 
  • Click view saved or submitted applications.
  • Select Schedule appointment .
  • You can see the passport  appointment date and time .
  • Online payment  is mandatory  for booking appointments. 
  • You can use debit or credit  cards. 
  • Click print application  receipt. 
  • An SMS with appointment  details accepted as proof of appointment during visit to the passport office. 

A passport  takes four to six weeks  to process from the time you submit the application. 


  • Voter ID card
  • Adhar card
  • Driving  license 
  • Pass book
  • PAN card

         Appointment for an application  are allowed up to three times within a year.carry printed copy of appointment  receipt,Documents and submit the passport  office on the correct date .After the expiry date, we can renew the passport online. You should pay an amount for the renewal.The fees for the passport is Rs can select the application center online.

How to renew passport  online

  • Visit passport  search online portal. 
  • Register the website. 
  • Login to the passport seva online portal  with a registered  ID.
  • If you are a registered  user,you can open the account and renew the passport. 
  • Click apply for the passport  renewal from the applicant home. 
  • Enter the details  of passport 
  • Enter family  details. 
  • Enter a permanent  address.
  • Select schedule  appointments  and enter passport office,time ,etc.
  • You can select  available  time.
  • Click pay and book an appointment  option.
  • Pay the fees online.

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