How to renew government  arogya insurance card,difference between PMJAY insurance  card and Ayushman bharat digital ID card

     Ayushman Bharat is National Health protection scheme. It covers over 10 crore poor families providing coverage up to 5 lakh per family per year for hospitalization. It includes secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation. The beneficiary of this scheme will be allowed to take cashless benefits from public or private hospitals in our country. It is an entitlement based scheme with entitlement decided on the basis of deprivation criteria. 

      The payment for treatment will be done on a package rate basis. State would need to have a state  health agency to implement this scheme. Increase the benefit cover to nearly 40% of the population. It provides quality health and medication to the people. The unmet needs of the population remained hidden due to lack of financial resources. It will lead to timely treatment , improvement in health outcomes,patient satisfaction, job creation, improvement in productivity and efficiency and its leading to improve the quality of life.

     It will be rolled out across all states in all districts with an objective to cover old target beneficiaries. Aayushman Bharat Yojana is also known as Pradhanmantri Jan arogya Yojana. It helps the economically weaker section of the society who need health. The Pradhanmantri Jan Arogya Yojana beneficiary get an ecard that can be used to avail of service at empanelled hospitals private or public in the country.

     The beneficiaries will get cashless treatment from the hospital. The coverage of this scheme includes three days of pre hospitalisation and 15 days of post hospitalisation expenses. It provides Rs 5 lakh coverage to every family per year. This scheme provides healthcare to 10 crore poor,lower middle income families. In rural areas the list is categorised based on lack of houses, low income and other deprivations. But in urban areas the list of Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana beneficiaries is based on occupation.

    Most rural households do not have access to any Healthcare insurance. 24 percent of rural families access Health Care facilities by borrowing money from others. Pradhanmantri Jan arogya Yojana aims to help this sector by providing yearly assistance of up to Rs 5 lakh for families in the rural area.

     82 percent of urban households  do not have health insurance. 18 percent of people in urban areas borrow money from others for hospital expenses. Individuals in specific families can get this benefit of Rs 5 lakh insurance. It covers Medical and surgical treatment in 25 specialities. Orthopaedics, pediatrics ,oncology, cardiology, neurosurgery are included in these specialities. Medical and surgical expenses cannot be reimbursed simultaneously.

       If multiple surgeries are needed the highest package cost is paid for the first instance, followed by 50% waiver for second and 25% discount for third. Cashless treatment and hospitalisation are possible. The assistants of this scheme are valid for daycare procedures and pre existing conditions. If they extend coverage for over 1350 medical packages. Prostatic cancer, anterior  spine fixation ,tissue expander , skull base surgery ,coronary artery bypass ,double valve replacement, pulmonary valve replacement, carotid angioplasty with stent under this  scheme.

       This scheme provides medical treatment without suffering any financial strains. Most of the people are borrowing money to pay medical bills. But PMJAY help avoid the risk of debt. There is no particular Aayushman Bharat Registration procedure of PMJAY. It applies to all beneficiaries identified by SECC 2011 and those people already part of the RSBY scheme. So now you can check if you are eligible to be a beneficiary of PMJAY.

How to check the eligibility

  • Visit the official website of PMJAY  portal
  • Click on am I eligible.
  • Enter mobile number.
  • Enter captcha code. 
  • Click on generate OTP button
  • Enter OTP
  • Select the state
  • Search by your name or ration card number or HHD number or mobile number.
  • You can verify if your family is covered under PMJAY.

    Those who have taken this insurance card, you can continue. This card was taken through Panchayat or municipality in schools and others. People are still using the same card. Since there is no opportunity to get this insurance card again or to renew it from the government. Therefore your treatment will not be denied by any hospital for not renewing your  insurance card.

     It is a fake message that ,now taking this arogya insurance card. If this  new arogya insurance card is taken, then surely government notification will you do not go to the akshaya centers for taking this card.

     Ayushman Bharat digital mission will connect the digital health solutions of hospitals in our country. Carrying past medical reports while visiting a doctor can be difficult. So the Government of India launched a digital health ID card called Ayushman Bharat Health account card. Providing all the citizens of India it will facilitate easy access to medical records. The ID is a 14 digit identification number. You can share your health information with the medical professionals in our country.

      It helps the HealthCare industry to save access to medical information more efficiently. You can access all your medical information like  tests, diagnosis ,medicine prescriptions etc. You can share your details with the hospitals, clinics ,doctors etc. This card is valid in treatment facilities like Ayurveda ,yoga, neuropathy ,Unani,  and Homeopathy.It is not an insurance coverage stores all your medical can use this card to all the hospitals. You can apply for a digital  ID card through  akshaya.

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