How to remove stains  from the wash basin

                 Do the  wash basins in our homes often get  dirty? There are stains in the wash basin. Often when we wash our hands after eating food,  it can become a wash basin block and catch dirt. We are looking at how to remove all these stains. Let’s see how to clean the wash basin with a very simple method.

                 To do this,  first spray a little vinegar. Vinegar will help to change the block in the wash basin. This will help to get rid of the bad smell in the wash basin. If you have baking soda,  you can use baking soda.


Vinegar  – 

Bleaching powder  – 2 tbs

                Put 2 tbsp of bleaching powder in the wash basin. Put it well on the dirty side. Brush  well. Wash thoroughly with wash basin wash brush.You can be rinsed off immediately. 

        We can see the stains go away while using the brush. The wash basin will get a nice shine. You can see the wash  basin shine like new. You can do this once a month. Daily wash with regular soap.please try this and share this information to  others.

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