How to remove stains from the  tiles easily


     Today I would like to inform you about how to remove stains from the tiles. Tiles are a very important interior design in our home.  It helps to increase the beauty  of our house. It is used to create the desired ambience ,but it can also be difficult  to choose. Always select quality materials.  Otherwise it is very difficult  for us.

     Mainly we use tiles for flooring the kitchen, floors,bathrooms, parking places,etc.Tiles are made by different  materials like vitrified,ceramic, glass,stone,metal,etc. Tiles have slip resistance, water absorption,mechanical  strength,stain and chemical resistance. 

    We can remove stains from tiles. Firstly, wipe the area with hot water. It helps to remove  the dirt from the floor. Filling empty  bottles with white vinegar and hot water. Spray it on the grout.scrub with soft toothbrush.Rinse with water.

     We can use 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from the tiles. We can use lemon juice to it. We can mix ½ cup Baking soda,¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide,1 tsp dish soap, and mix well. Apply cleaning mixture on to grout , After 10 minutes,scrub and rinse with water.

     We can use these remedies to bathroom tiles,floor tiles and kitchen tiles. It is a very useful remedy.we can make a solution. Take 1 ½ tsp baking soda. Add dish wash ,2tbs vinegar to it . Mix well. It is a very effective  cleaning solution. It removes oily stains also.

      We can apply  this solution to the stains area with a toothbrush. Clean with a cloth.It removes stains easily. 

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