How to remove insects from ear easily

      What we usually do when an insect gets into our ear. This is very difficult for us. Even if we have a slight pain in the ear is very difficult for us. Today I would like to tell you what to do immediately if an insect gets in your ear.

       We usually use many methods to clean our ears. Sometimes we use sharp objects.But those are very dangerous to our ears.It may cause damage to our ear drums.

    Similarly the continuous hearing of loud noise is adversely affects our ears.

        If an insect gets in your ear,do not put any objects to your ear. It is very common .We are very disturbed and put objects into our ear. But it is very dangerous. It may cause damages to ear drum.Insect attach to our ear drums.If ear drum has hole, this insect go to inside and it may cause very danger.

         First we pour some oil  on the ear .Allow the oil to drain into the inside of the ear.Lay that ear up .The insect may die quickly. We do not have pain .Next day we will go to an ENT clinic and remove that insect very easily. 

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