How to remove dark circles around the neck

             Dark circles  around the neck are  a problem that affects all most all people. There are many reasons for dark circles around the neck. Some peoples have black colour around the neck because of wearing jewellery. When losing weight will be cause the dark circles around the neck.

         This dark circle around the neck can be removed in just 20 minutes. Today I am going to introduce you to a home remedy for that.There are  basically 3 steps for this remedy.

Step 1

             Steam the blackened  part of the neck first. For that first take some hot water in a bowl.  Then take a towel and dip it in this hot water and place it on the dark areas of our neck. Steam for at least 3 minutes. Doing this steam will help the dirt and dead cells  in that part of our neck to remove well.

Step 2

         Make a good scrub to apply in our neck. The black colour of the neck does not change with the face scrub.A  special scrub should be prepared to change the black colour of the neck. Take 2 teaspoon of salt to make a scrub.Add 2 teaspoon of olive oil to it. Mix well. 

            When it is mixed add 2 teaspoon of baking soda to it. Mix well. We get a good scrub.Dip a  scrubber into the mixture.Scrub well around the neck with this mixture. Scrub at least for 3 minutes. When we do this the dirt around the neck will move as well. Then we can rinse it off with lukewarm or cold water.

Step 3

             Next step  is skin whitening.We should  make a pack. Make 2 tbsp of Seaweed flour. Add 2 teaspoon of curd and mix well. Add half lemon juice to it. Mix well.  Our fairness pack is ready. Apply this pack thoroughly around our necks. 

          Leave the pack on the neck for 15 minutes. Then you can rinse  the back in luke warm or cold water. You will get a good result when you do this a couple of times. So please try this remedy and share this information to others.

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