How to remove all ads from our phone

            We are all smartphone users. Five or six months after we bought the phone,we can see that our phone is full of ads automatically.And many applications are installed our phone without any limit.Let’s see how to remove this ads from our phone.

          When we search anything  in our phone ,the third party application selling this data to other advertising agencies. They deliver many types of ads to our phone.And install many type of applications. 

            Let’s see how to remove ads and unnecessary  applications from our phone.In our smartphone mainly two types of ads .When we watch youtube videos ,we can see the skippable ads cards like ads .In all apps,ads developers give ads to it. These ads do  not cause us much trouble.These are normal ads .we can customize this ads.

         Another ads are very difficult to us.These ads are came to our smartphone without our knowledge. Many applications  are installed our phone.We can completely remove this ads and applications from our phone.

       If you are open a website there is a permission.If we allow this permission,the send many ads to our phone.So we did not give permission. You an use deny/ block. Doing so will prevent ads from appearing on your phone. 

        But now if you have ads on your phone,let’s see how to remove them.Clear the data from your browser.

Clear the browsing data from Google Chrome settings.We can clear the permission also.

            We can see how to remove ads from installing applications.Open the settings and select account services in google.Click the connected apps.And select our mail ID.We can see all the applications in our mail ID.We can uninstall all the applications we don’t need.

        Here are some settings we can do to reduce the number of ads on our  phone.Select Google from our settings. Select ads from it.We have an advertising ID. Enable  that ID. Click the manage your Google account. Click the data personalization. We can select ad personalization.  We can remove other ads.

      We can see how to avoid ads from Google chrome . Select the google chrome settings.Select the privacy and  don’t track and enable .And select ads from site settings, Enable this one.we can reduce all ads.

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