How to relieve knee pain with apple cider vinegar

                Many  of us suffer from various aches and pains like knee pain, neck pain,etc. We often depend on ointment for such pain. But it do not completely cure this pain. But today I want to share with you the remedy for complete cure of knee pain.This is a successful remedy. This will helps to relieving the swelling and pain in the hands,knee and shoulder.


Rock salt   –

Apple cider vinegar/ apple 

         We can make apple cider vinegar using apples. Take 2 apples. Apple cider vinegar will stay intact  for as long as you want. Wash the apples well and cut into small pieces. Do not need to remove skin or seed. Put it in a glass bottle or jar.

          Now pour water to the ¾ of pot  . Pour boiled and cooled water. Take a bowl and put a teaspoon of yeast in it.Add  2 teaspoon of sugar to it. Pour little hot water and mix well. We can pour it into the bowl where the apples are placed.

            Tighten and tie this container well. It should be covered with a cotton cloth. Then place the bottle in unlighted  place. Stir it well from time to time. We can take it after 21 days. Then it can be filtered into a bowl.You should take clean bowl. Filter and set aside to clear.Atter that we will use . 

           Now let’s see how to get rid of knee pain with the rock salt and apple cider vinegar.It is very use ful tip for knee pain. Take the cotton we need. We put apple cider vinegar and salt in this cotton.

  •                Take a bowl and put rock salt in it as needed. Pour apple cider vinegar into it and mix well.Take the Cotton as required and add this mixture to it. Then apply it and tie it to the affected area. We can remove with after 5 hours. It can help to relieve neck pain, knee pain.

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