How to register marriage certificate after 1 year of marriage

Marriage certificate is an official document that two people are married. It is issued by government officials only after the Civil registration of marriage. Marriage registration is the most important task. It can be handled through Hindu Marriage Act or special Marriage Act done by couples getting married of their religion. Marriage certificate is needed to help with any official work relating to the marriage. If you want to change your name, marriage certificate plays a major role. Making changes to your last name on all official documentation without a marriage certificate needs a lot of effort and additional documents.

It helps when applying for a Visa since the system sees the couple as a marriage couple and not two individuals travelling individually. Handling the marriage process offline needs a lot of time. If you are registering your marriage through Hindu Marriage Act the couple getting married have to register under the sub register where the marriage was solemnized and has been living for at least six months.

The special Marriage Act provided a 30 days notice to the sub registrar and a copy of this notice added to notice boards. If there are no objections to their marriage it is pushed forward. A lot of documents are needed for the registration of marriage.

Documents for marriage registration

Application form
Proof of address
Identification proof
Birth certificate
Wedding invitation
Signed certificate of the priest
Two witnesses

You can do the marriage registration through the interwebs. Which saves time and you will get the certificate easily and quickly. You should download the forms, fill and submit them. You still have to show it on the date of appointment. It helps to save your previous trips by gathering the forms, documents and details.

Marriage certificate is the legal proof of marriage between two individuals. Getting married and having a marriage certificate is necessary for married couples. It helps an individual proving they are legally married to someone especially beneficial for getting a passport, visa, work permit etc. It is beneficial in availing life insurance benefits, Bank deposits, family pension etc.

Mainly there are two marriage acts in India . They are Hindu Marriage Act and special Marriage Act. Hindu Marriage Act applies to marriages where both husband and wife are Hindu,Sikhs, Buddhist. Jaina,etc. The Special Marriage Act applies to marriages of individuals of any religion. Both parties also submit separate marriage affidavits. They should pay Rs 100 fees.

It provides security to both has a time period to register. You can submit the application form to the local bodies. After 1989, birth certificate,photo, witness aadhar card,gazetted certificate is necessary.after the attestation, submit documents to the deputy director of panchayat.

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