How to regain eye sight

         One of the biggest problem in  many of us face is poor eyesight. There are many children who use glasses at an early age. Today I want to share with you how to avoid the glasses.

        Now all school children’s classes are in front of the computer. Similarly there are those who work long hours in front of the computer. All these are harmful to the eyes. Today I am going to share with you some of the exercises we need to do daily, so as not to use the glasses. Please do this exercises daily. This exercises will help to change the dark colour around the eyes. 

             Problems with your gut and liver can affect our eyes.We should daily take vitamin rich foods.You can do this exercises as your time.We can take mild things to use around the eyes.Ring finger is used to press slightly with small pressure  to the face.

              Press eyebrows gently with ring finger.Do this exercise 10 times.Press under the eyes as well.Do this at 10 times. It is best to massage with any oil.It increases the blood circulation to the eye.Then massage the eye balls 10 times.

      Press and take two fingers to the corner of the two eyes.Do this exercise 10 times.Blink the eyes 10 times. Shrink the eyes 10 times.Please do this exercises relaxly. Daily do this exercises daily.

     Place a thin cloth over the eyes., grind a potato well and place on top of the cloth.After 20 minutes you can wash the eyes with normal water.

           Grind Carrot,grapes,curry leaves and add with coconut milk and palm rock sugar.Mix well and drink it daily.Grind Keezhar nelli well and mix with coconut milk and drink.

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