How to reduce the current bill even if you use air conditioner 

       Today I would like to inform you how to reduce the current bill.  Now is the hot time. So  most houses have air conditioners.  Air conditioner  is  removing heat and controlling  the humidity. It improves air quality.   It creates a comfortable environment.  But it is very expensive and we may have a lot of electricity  bills.

      But today I want to tell you how to reduce the electricity bill. First of all, by changing the way air conditioners are used, we can reduce the electricity bill to some extent. Usually everyone turns on the AC 15 minutes before going to bed, put the room cool and put the fan on at night.

        But it is better to put the AC overnight in 27 to 28 degree cold. Then the compressor only works for a very short time. We always get the electricity bill according to the work of the AC compressor. The compressor has to work for at least ¾ hours to get from 36 degrees to 17 Degrees.

         Clean the filters of the air conditioner  at the correct time.  Room sealing is also very good. It is best to seal with gypsum. Because it keeps the room very  cool. 

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