How to reduce blood sugar level with diet

      Today I would like to inform you about how to reduce diabetes  with diet. Diabetes mellitus is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar is too high. Blood sugar comes from the food we eat. 

       It impairs the bodys ability to process blood glucose. It is occur when the pancreas produces very little insulin/ doesn’t produce enough insulin.  Most of the people unaware of this disease.The pancreas unable to produce enough insulin to manage blood sugar.

        Mainly diabetes are two types. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.Normally Beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin. In type 1 diabetes beta cells are absent. In type 2 diabetes is genetic.  In type 1 Diabetes, intake of insulin is the only treatment.  It is occur at  in any age. Type 2 diabetes ,seen in older ages.

     It has many symptoms. Increased thirst and hunger, Frequent urination, weight loss,irritability, fatigue,blurred vision.

     The main causes of diabetes are highly intake of carbohydrates, sugar drinks,saturated fats,red mmeats.we can controll diabetes with our foods.Add fatty fishes,leafy vegetables, eggs,beans,yogurt,nuts to your diet.It is important to controll your diet.

        Take food and medicines  in correct time. Normal value of sugar is Fasting – till 110,RBS – till 140. You should control the sugar level. Mainy diabetes affects blood vessels. 


8am  -2 dosa with tomato chammanthi/sambar





11 am  –  lime juice


Rice   –  1 cup

Vegetables-  1 cup

Fish -2 slice

Yogurt- 1 glass

4 pm  –  biscuit/ Roberta banana,guavafruit


Chappathi   -3

Vegetable- 1 cup

Salad-1 cup

       We can use peeled chicken.we can use fruits like papaya,guava,orange,apple,jack fruit. Avoid grapes,mango.Avoid bakery items, maids.  Take protein,fiber  rich,vitamins,minerals  foods. 

    Soaked fenugreek water reduces sugar level. Grind flax seeds and add your food.Avoid coffee, Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol. Add barley to your diet.  Add grilled fish to your diet. Avoid honey. Do exercise regularly.  

        Diabetes has dangerous complications like kidney failure,heart attack,amputation, stroke etc.

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