How to reduce belly fat with cumin water 

              Today I would like to share with you in the best way to get rid of your stomach in just 7 days. Melt your belly fat with this cumin  water. We know that cumin has a lot of benefits . This is one of the best qualities we can all have. The cumin water helps to glowing skin ,anti ageing , easy digestion.

        It reduces belly fat and weight. Generally we use artificial methods to reduce belly fat. But it is often in effective and it can have a lot of side effects. But it does not have any side effects and our fat will reduced. Drinking hot cumin  water along with lemon juice before breakfast helps reducing the belly fat. For those who want to have decreased belly fat, drink cumin water like this.

                  Let’s see how to prepare for belly reduction. How to prepare cumin water for a person to drink.


Cumin           – one teaspoon 

water             – 1 cup (200ml )

Lemon juice   – one teaspoon

  •  Soak 1 teaspoon cumin  in 1 cup of water overnight.
  •  That way, all the cumin  seeds qualities will merge in the water.
  •  The next day, boil this cumin water very well.
  • Boil well until the colour of this water changes.
  • After boiling water, off the flame and strains into a glass.
  • Pour  a little lemon juice in to it .
  • It should be drink before breakfast.
  • It  is good for weight loss.
  • Mix it well.
  • To reduce your belly, you should drink this cumin water everyday before breakfast. 
  • Drink this hot human water for one week daily before breakfast.
  •  It is best to drink it in the heat of the tea.
  • We get a good result.
  • Please try it.
  • Please share this information to others.

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