How to recover all deleted photos without using any application

Photos are the images to keep the memory of a loved one alive, hold a moment in history for future generations. Photos play an important role in everyone’s life. It connects us to our past and reminds us of people, places, stories and feelings.Printed pictures are very important as they not only allow us to capture certain moments but also preserve it for generations to come. We can share these pictures with others. We can capture some moments like babies’ first steps, infancy, childhood, first day of school life, graduation,wedding,anniversary,Landmark birthdays, Homecoming, etc. Pictures of A grade are a way to preserve our special memories. We can easily share it with our friends and relatives.

Photos and videos you delete from your phone will stay in your trash for 60 days. You can backup your photos and videos easily. Losing important photos accidently is too common. Sometimes you are going to click the share button but instead you accidentally click the delete button. You were getting rid of the clutter and deleted some important photos. Your mobile device offers different ways to recover permanently deleted photos. We can see how to recover deleted photos from your gallery.

There are two main ways to recover deleted images from your gallery. The first one is looking for deleted photos in the trash section of the gallery application. If it does not work, there is a free and paid recovery software available on the Google Play Store. You can use it to recover files. If you have accidently deleted photos you need to look for a trash folder. Most gallery apps have a recycle bin. The gallery app has a recently deleted folder under collections tab. You can open the app and swipe right, get to the collections tab and scroll down until you find a recently deleted option.

Deleted photos remain for 30 days on oneplus recently deleted folder. Transporter also holds deleted photos for a maximum of 30 days in xiaomi devices. Google photos has a trash folder where images and videos get stored after being deleted. Open the Google photos, tap the library and select the trash option. Then select the photos that you want to restore. Select restore button.

You can recover deleted WhatsApp photos also. Sometimes you accidentally delete a photo from your WhatsApp chat. You can recover deleted WhatsApp photos from the gallery. WhatsApp automatically downloads images from your chat to your device. You can recover deleted WhatsApp images by using backup. WhatsApp also saves each and every image you send or receive in your phone storage. It has a specific folder in your phone. You can select deleted photos from these sections.

We can see how to recover deleted photos without application.It is a very simple method.

Select file manager or download file manager from play store
Search DCIM in the search bar.
We can see a DCIM folder
Click three lines in the file manager.
Select settings option
Select show hidden files option.
Enable this option
Search DCIM in the search bar
Select thumbnails folder option
Long press the dot
Click the more option
Enter name
Click it and you can see all deleted photos
All thumbnails are automatically saved here.

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