How to recognise who thinks about you now 

              When people who know/ loves you think about you or say something about you at the same time ,there will be some symptoms in your body. What I would like to say here is that you have the symptoms and you can understand them accordingly .

1)If the person, you like’s thinking or saying something, wherever you are, you can make a physical presence of them. If you ask how that feeling, a smell( perfume/ body) of people close to you will be on your mind . This means that without physical presence, that the other person is talking about you.

2) cheeks simply reddened. The face is reddened when angry /happy or some physical reasons. If your face turns red  for no reason it means that someone is thinking about you or saying something good. If you suddenly feel red/ hot in ear  for no reason it means that someone is thinking or saying something good about you. It means that someone you loves a lot is thinking about you.

3) emotional balance can go wrong for no reason. If a very normal person suddenly feels happy, it means that  someone you are happy with is saying something that makes you happy. For some people have fear with no reason, it means that your enemy, you are afraid of is doing something or saying something against you.

4) one of the things that most people feel Goosebumps . It feels when you suddenly hear a  happy thing or when u hear miracle or fear. Understand that goosebumps for no reason is someone tells about you,who  respect you, loves you very much. When they respect you and talk or think about praising you to others, that makes you goose  bumps .

5)Consequently itching eyes:- If there is a state of itching eyes for no reason ,it means someone is talking about you . Women and men have separate meanings. Even in women ,if the left eye is itching, it means that it is better to praise about them . If the right eye is itching, it means saying bad things about them. In the case of men, if the left eye is itching ,it means that  saying bad things about them and if the right eye is itching, it remains better to praise about them.

6) If taking of hiccup is for no reason then someone else is  talking very badly about you. If the food go to your head, while eating it means that someone else is talking about you.

7) Telepathy :- If  for no reason some people more care about ourselves and they think that if we call them, if there are people who wish we had spoken them, we will feel it . If you feel like calling them ,it means that the person is thinking of you at  that time.

8) Sneezing for no reason :-  If you sneeze one or twice for no reason someone tells about  you . 

9)  If you are constantly dreaming about someone ,you must understand that  person is thinking of you and that you are thinking of that person.

 Make sure you feel close to someone inside , and they are  thinking of you at that time.

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