How to recognise  the vitamins and minerals deficiency in our body 

                      Our body contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is also in the food we eat that we get the vitamins and minerals we need. When the amount of this in our diet decreases, our body will show many symptoms. We want to share with you what foods we need to eat to get lots of vitamins and minerals in our body.

                        If we want a healthy body, a disease free body, we must always eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. We often buy medicines when our body is deficient in vitamins and minerals. But we also get a lot of vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. This problem can only be solved by knowing which vitamins are deficient in our body and eating the right foods.

Calcium deficiency

             Low levels of calcium in our body can cause pain in our joints. If we hear a cracking sound when we fold our arms and legs or sit,  it means we are deficient in calcium. Let me tell you it is one of the best ways to treat calcium deficiency in our body. Calcium deficiency can cause pain in our body.

  • Drink 1 glass milk twice a day.
  • Eating butter, cheese and Paneer as well will help our body get rid of calcium deficiency.
  •  It is also best to include yoghurt in our diet.
  •  Spinach and drum  stick leaves should be included in our diet.

 Low haemoglobin level

                                Blood coming out of the teeth is a problem when biting food. This is due to lack of hemoglobin in our body. If we want to increase the level of hemoglobin in our body we can control a lot through food. This problem is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C. People with Vitamin C deficiency may have a weakened immune system.

  • If gooseberry is included in our diet,  it can reduce Vitamin C deficiency to some extent. Eat at least four gooseberries daily.
  • Orange, gava, papaya these should be included in our diet.
  • Also eat plenty of leafy vegetables.

Deficiency of vitamin B7

White spot on the nails/ moving the skin around the nail/hair  loss these are caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B7. These are caused by a lack of biotin in our body.

  • Eating Almonds is also good.j
  •  Include two or three eggs in your diet daily.
  • Eat fish and banana very well.
  • Eat sweet potatoes.
  • Cauliflower is best eaten at least once or twice a week.

Iron defiency

Lip cracks and mouth sores  are a major cause of iron deficiency.

  • If we have iron deficiency in our body eat foods rich in iron.
  • Green leafy vegetables included in their diet.
  • Pomegranate, beetroot, drumstick leaves.
  •  Eat nuts and peas as well.

 Deficiency of  vitamin B12

Redness of the eyes are the sign of deficiency  of vitamin B12.

  • Take more vegetables in your food

                       Avoid fast foods and include more vitamins and minerals containing foods in our meals. It will give you a healthy body. Drink plenty of fluids. Please share this information to others.

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