How to recognise the kidney failure

          Now is a time when the number of kidney patients is increasing excessively. This is because often the  kidney function decreases because we do not recognize it. When any organ in our body loses function, our body gives signals.Over use of medicines may cause kidney damage.

        But we do not recognise them.Let’s see how we can check  if our Kidneys are working properly. Today I would like to share with you some of the symptoms that our body provides  if our Kidneys are not functioning properly.

1.The first symptom is the appearance of froth when urinating.

        When we urinate,  if the froth is more than the normal level it is better to pay attention. This is because a lot of protein is excreted in the urine.That condition is called albumin urea.

2. Feeling swelling in the body

              Swelling is mainly felt on our face and puffy eyes. So when there is swelling,  check the amount of water we drink and the amount of urine we urinate. If the amount of urine we excrete is much less than the amount of water we drink,  then our kidneys are at risk. Swelling is caused by the accumulation of remaining water in our body.

3. Swelling in the ankles

           Swelling in the ankles  is another symptom of water collecting at the ankles of our feet. If the  kidneys are complained, there will be fluids in the legs continuously. If your feet are swelling for any other reason, you will have less swelling when you get up in the morning. But in kidney failure condition the swelling does not decrease.

4.Variations in blood pressure level

         If you have  kidney damage, Kidney failure or any kidney related diseases  , there is a possibility of variation in our BP level. BP rises as well as decreases rapidly. This is because the kidneys control our BP level.

 5. Feeling itchiness all over the body

           Increase the urea levels in our blood can cause itchiness.  An increase in the level of urea in our blood is called uremia. In uremia condition, our skin becomes dry and feeling itchiness  in the whole body. If itching is experienced for any other reason, it is only in a particular area. If the whole body feels itchy,  it will be a problem of kidney.

6. Don’t getting proper sleep at night

        When you sleep at night and wake up in the morning you feel very tired. We should have gotten a good deep sleep at night. If you do not get a proper sleep at night  is a sign of kidney problem.

7. Speaking unrelated matters

         This is because  vary the levels of sodium and potassium in our body. Slow our  activities, if someone ask you something, answer in an irrelevant way.

8.Loss of appetite.

           If you have more than four of these symptoms,  it is important to check your kidney functions and consult a urologist.

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