How to recharge mobile  phone easily using Google pay


       Google pay is a simple,safe and helpful way to manage your money. It is a mobile payment service developed by Google. You can make a payment withS android phones.It is introduced in can send money,receive money, recharge your mobile, shop online ,pay your friends  through this application. You can receive and pay money instantly using your existing bank account. It is a simple process.It allows you to make payments in your application using debit or credit cards.It helps to make purchases at physical stores using your smartphone. 

     It simplifies the process of money transfer through your website. It allows simple money transfer transactions. It makes payments in stores accepting UPI transactions. It has a lot of additional features. It offers pre-approved has two factor authentication. It is a well designed,feature complete application  offering in online ,physical and online stores, person to person payments. 

Advantages of Google pay

  • Very secure platform
  • Very fast to make payments.
  • No extra charges for using this service 
  • Easy to use
  • It is a free application.
  • It is a secure and fast mobile payment. 
  • It can be used for business purposes. 
  • It makes integration simple .
  • Money can be be sent and received quickly and easily 
  • It allows you to pay utility bills 
  • You can easily recharge your phone
  • You can shop online and make payment using this application. 
  • It has several layers of authentication to protect transactions. 
  • You will get cash backs through this application. 

How to make purchases

  • Tap Google pay payment button 
  • You can see a payment sheet
  • You can easily select a payment method. 
  • You will get a payment yoken.
  • App submit payment token with details about purchase 
  • To execute the payment, the backend processes the purchase and sends the payment token to the payment service holder.

How to pay payment 

  • Open Google pay 
  • Tap new payment button 
  • Search for the person you want to send money.
  • Select a person 
  • Enter the amount 
  • Tap pay button 
  • Select the form of payment. 
  • Tap the proceed button to pay.
  • Enter the UPI pin.

How to recharge mobile phone

  • Open Google pay
  • Select recharge option or new payment option
  • Select the phone number from contact list
  • Click Continue recharge option
  • Select the company name
  • Click Continue button 
  • Select the recharge plan
  • You can see paying option
  • Pay using your bank account 
  • On the location 
  • Enter UPI number
  • Click the proceed button 
  • You will get a message recharge successfully button. 
  • You can search the transaction history  and check details about payment. 
  • You can register complaints also.

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