How to prevent water leaking in pressure  cooker

          Pressure cookers have  Played a huge role in our kitchen for generations. The truth is that these days you can’t even  imagine a kitchen without a pressure cooker. This is because with a pressure cooker we can cook food very quickly. 

           But pressure cooker is also one of the  biggest danger. So it is very important to handle them very careful. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a pressure cooker. When using a pressure cooker you can often see water overflow overflowing from it.

             Today we can see how to prevent it.When we buy a pressure cooker we get a small book with it. It describes how to use a pressure cooker. So please read that book and it  should be used and ckeaned as written on it. 

               It is essential always clean the pressure cooker thoroughly after use. It is essential to get  the steam out of the cooker as well.otherwise it will lead to great danger. 

                 Similarly water leaking out of the cooker  while cooking , can cause us to become double work and the whole kitchen will be dirty. But I want to share with you a simple way to solve this problem.

              The washer in the pressure cooker will remain loose as we use it. Even if the washer does not  lie properly there’s a risk of water leaking. So replace it when the washer becomes loose. Sitting washer tight is always good for our safety.So please change the washer ,as the washer becomes loose.

             After cleaning the washer  put it in the freezer to get a little stiff.we can keep it in the freezer minimum 4 hours. So we can solve this leakage.

             If the pressure cooker is closed at the top weight of any item  the steam will not go out and the water will be sprayed. The steam does not go out, the pressure cooker may Explode. If  the whistle remove ,pull it out and clean it up from time to time.Clean the hole very clearly.

        Pour enough water for cooking. Even if the water level is high  it is likely to spray out.

         Remove the whistle and then close the cooker. We can put the  whistle when a small amount steam comes through the area where the whistle is.We can prevent the water leaking.

            We can use pressure Cooker very carefully. Because  

Carelessness can cause even death.

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