How to prevent graying of hair earlier

      Today I would like to inform you about a trick to prevent graying of hair and hair loss before the age of 50 years.. It is a common problem.  Grey hair in your early ages is because of genes. Deficiency of vitamin B,zinc,copper causes early appearance of grey hair.Stress,thyroid disorders, vitamin B12 Deficiency, are also cause s the Grey hair at early ages.

       Melanin causes the dark colour of hair. Lack of this pigment  new hair strands grow lighter and turn to shade of grey.we can stop this grey colour of hair. Apply coconut oil and lemon juice  improves blood circulation of hair. Pollutants  can cause graying hair . Take vitamin rich foods. Hair loss is the another problem.Biotin can reverse premature greying of hair.

     Stress is also cause the greying hair earlier. Accumulation of hydrogen peroxide cause hair loss and grey hair earlier.Acidity level causes hair loss and grey hair. First treat for acidity level. Hormonal imbalance, check PCOD,Thyroid problems. Take dietary supplements like meat,milk,egg,green leafy vegetables, nuts,etc. Dandruff leads to hair loss.

      Avoid alcohol consumption,smoking. Alcohol causes dehydration and it causes hair loss.  Sleeplessness,medicines,intestinal problem causes hair loss and grey hair earlier. Add more protein, fruits in  diet.Guava ,dates honey are include your diet.Take vitamin D,antioxidant ,omega 3 fatty acids.

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