How to pay current bill online 

         We all have electricity connections. KSEB has a huge loss of about Rs 240 crore as various Institutions are currently locked in the time of this lockdown . Electricity department is now in a state of crisis. It is the simplest thing we can do. Since metre reading is not possible in the time of this lock down, every consumer registered phone number has new received an SMS to pay you. Otherwise it has been mailed. So you can check it . 

              Accordingly you can pay online using the app . Then there will be difficult to  a lot of people who don’t have smartphones and don’t know how to open a message.

Others have received a message to the consumer registered phone. At present, the electricity comes as an average over the previous months. The average amount of electricity consumed in the previous months by all Consumers ,except for disconnected connections as well as other damaged metres has now reached SMS.

        Pay your current bill through the online app as soon as possible. All households have  bank accounts and ATMs. Therefore, in a variety of applications, you can pay your current bill smoothly using the coming OTP by entering the ATM card details. In this particular case , it will help KSEB as well. The KSEB counters does not work in the event of this lock down. So we have to choose the online application to pay our bills. 

       We have a toll free number for  call to know about power outages , the bills we currently have every month. The toll free number is 1912. It works 24 hours per day. It  is Computer Based. After we select our language, enter the 13 digit consumer number. the amount of bills to be paid this month is clear . 

      Most households  in Kerala have electricity connections . If you do not receive an SMS, please call 1912 from your phone. There are variety of options that come with  it. After selecting the option to know the current bill, enter the consumer number and after knowing the current bill, you can pay. Various online Tech channels have made in YouTube various bill paying videos .You can see it.

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