How to operate underwater drone,benefits

A drone is an unmanned aircraft.It is an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled. It autonomously uses software controlled flight plans in embedded systems thattu work in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS. It is associated with the military. It is used for anti aircraft practices, intelligence gathering, as a weapons platform. It is used in civilian roles including surveillance, search and rescue,traffic monitoring, personal uses, photography, fire fighting, agriculture, delivery services, etc.

We can use it in navigation and flight mode. Drones must have a power source to fly.A drone consists of rotors, propellers and frame.The frame is light weighted. It is composed of a material to reduce weight. It requires a controller ,the operator uses remote control to launch ,navigate and land aircraft.

Drones contain some components including electronic speed controllers,GPS module,battery, flight controller,receiver, antenna, sensors, cameras,altimeter, an accelerometer,cameras,etc.It has some features. It has various types of cameras with high performance, zoom ,gimbal steady amount, etc.Artificial intelligence enables the drone to follow objects. It has augmented reality,media storage format,hover accuracy, obstacle sensory range,flight logs,live video feed,altitude hold,flight logs,etc.

GPS are typically housed in the nose of the communicates precise location to the controller.Altimeter helps keep the drone at specific altitude .It can be equipped with sensors. Visual sensor provides still and video data.Red,green, blue Sensors collect standard Visual wavelengths, multispectral sensors collect visible and nonvisible wavelengths.It has accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers,barometers,etc.

Thermal sensible possible surveillance and security applications. Hyperspectral sensors help identify minerals and vegetation .some drones are use Sensors to detect obstacles and avoid collisions.The sensors designed to detect objects in front of drone.It has obstacle detectors in front, below,above and side to side.It use Visual positioning systems with downward cameras and ultrasonic Sensors.

There are mainly two types of drones available. Rotor and fixed wing drones.personal drones are available for consumer use.more capable drones are used in commercial uses.

We can see an underwater drone.It is a start up project eyerov. It provides robotic solutions in the underwater domain. We can use it to inspect the underwater areas and high depth areas .We capture the pictures from underwater using a helps to rescue operations underwater. Eyerov is a Marine robotic company. It is equivalent to a normal drone.we can inspect dams, underwater pipelines using it .It has a camera. We will get live videos on the surface.

It has imaging sonar payloads. It is a customized vehicle. We can operate it 100m,200m depth. Its wire can be extended to 300 meters.we can use it anywhere. They set the drone to the laptop. We can use it for 2 to 3 hours.we can send power through wires , we can operate for 8 hours using a generator.

We can hold depth and it has orientation. If it has any problem, it has safety features. This equipment does not lose.we can use it for search and rescue operations. It has 2 nodes speed. We can use sonar technology to see the person underwater easily. It detects a 7 meter distance.we can use it to inspect the bottom of ships.

There is a special product to know the depth of is an autonomous surface vehicle. We can use it in surveillance. It has 6 hrs endurance. It is an unmanned surface boat. It has an echo sounder. We can profile the depth of dams. We can control it remotely also.

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