How to operate mini sewing machine

    Today I would like to inform you about how to operate mini sewing machines. Mini sewing  machines are very popular  because  of their size and quality.  It is portable.  It is a great option  for beginners.  These machines are convenient, versatile, and a good solution  for a lot of sewing  situations. We can top stitch directly  from a thread reel.It can sew around fairly tight curves.

    We can teach children to sew . It is a perfect  machine.we can sew all the clothes that we want using these devices. This machine had exceptional capabilities when it comes to sewing fabric materials. 

     Today we can see how to use a mini sewing  machine.we can buy this machine online. Its price was Rs 1500.It is light weighted. It has a charger,extra needle, metal bobbins,and a needle threader.

     The machine has two buttons. We can turn on and off the machine using these buttons. Then we can see a speed button. We can control the speed using this button. 

      We can see a thread holder. We can hold the thread  in it. A bobbin holder and bottom bobbin case is there.  It has a battery  compartment. It has a hand wheel. Connect the power and food pad.

We can use this machine for our small needs. Do not stitch jeans. 

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