How to measure the land an easy way

          Today we can see how to find the land measurements. We can always depend the land surveyor or civil engineer for measuring the land. But it is very expensive. This is a very difficult thing for ordinary people. But today I want to explain about  how to measure the area of your land and estimate its value.

       Today we will study  how to take a measurement of a land. Once you get a plot, let’s see how many cents  it will take up.If the plot is in rectangle shape ,length is 25 cm and width is 20 cm, we can see the area of the plot.

Area  = 25 × 20 = 500 m.square=  500÷40.47=12.35cent

If the plot is in square  shape, length and width are 25 cm.

Area  = 25×25=625 m.sq= 625 ÷40.47 =  15.44cent

If the plot is in triangle shape,the length of the sides are 24m,14 m,10m

We can see the area of the plot ,area =

S= a+b+c   = 22


A = root of s× (s-a)(s-b)(s-c)

=64.99 m2  = 64.99÷40.=1.605 cent

                       But there is an easy to  find out the area.

Select the Google Chrome.Enter the area of triangle three sides. Open one site and we can see a space to give 3 values.Enter the values of 3 sides.And we can select another calculate  site to change the meter to cents. We get cent.If we get unshaped plot, we can separate the plot into many triangle shape. We will mark the length of the sides and we will calculate the area ,add and convert the meter  into cents.

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