How to make your photo in  sticker form

        Our phones have a lot of stickers. We know what are the use of a stickers. We often use stickers instead of comments. Already we use face stickers of many movie stars.

       Today is a new variety that introduces you. We can make stickers with our face. Today I want to introduce you to how it is.

          We can even use this sticker on the profile picture on WhatsApp. Download an app called mirror  on your smartphone. It is very perfect application.Open the application. 

       Then it’s  selfie camera will open. Take a photo that our face gets better. You can also add a photo from the gallery here. You can select one of two styles  of photos. In the photo we can change our hairstyle,glass,eye style,skin tone ,dress colour,etc

                We can see a lot of stickers with the photo we took.We can share this pictures. We can set this stickers as profile pictures.We can add this stickers as sticker packs.

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