How to make vinegar at home

       Today I would like to inform you about how to make natural vinegar. Vinegar is the solution of acetic acid and trace chemicals.  It contains 5 to 8 % acetic acid. Vinegar is used for pickling,salad dressing, food preparations. It is used in mayonnaise, ketch up,mustard,etc. It does not need to keep in refrigerator. 

      It is a dilute solution  of acetic acid in water. Vinegar is also a cleaner. It dissolves dirt, grease,mineral deposits, etc. We can use vinegar for cleaning.

      But it is not used in stone floor tiles,hardwood floors,irons,egg stains,granite tops,marble tops,etc Do not use too much vinegar. It  can cause the enamel of teeth.


Water   – 250 ml

Acetic acid   –  10 ml

      We can make vinegar at home. Take 250 ml water in a bowl . Add 10 ml acetic acid to it .we will get acetic acid in medical shops.  Mix well.And we can keep it in a bottle. We can add this vinegar to pickles. It is very easy to make at home. 

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