How to make tasty puffed rice 

           We all got a lot of ration rice during this lock down. Many people have tried this ration rice in many different ways. Many even made biriyani with ration rice. But today I want to share with you how to make puffed rice  with the ration rice we got. 

            This is a favourite of children and adults alike. Ration rice is plentiful in our homes too. We don’t need anything extra for this. All it takes is a saucepan, some salt and the rice we take.  What if we try to do this? 


Rice     – ½ glass

Water   – ¼ spoon

           Put the rise in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of water to it.Mix well. If you are mixing sand with the salt instead,  you can add salt now. If frying is done with the salt, there is no need to add salt now. The saucepan can be heated well. 

           Let’s just put this rice in a heated souce pan. All you have to do is drain the water. So you have to put it in the sunlight  for three hours. No need to fry the rice. When the water in the rice turns dry, we can turn off the flame. When the rice is dry transfer to another bowl. Add salt to the saucepan  and heat well.

          You need to add a little bit of rice. If we take sand,, we can add  half the sand to the pot and then add some more rice and fry. Once the salt is well heated add the rice. If the salt is not heated as well we will not get the puffed rice. Stir in the salt well. The rice should be served when the salt is hot enough to steam. 

        Add a handful of rice to the heated salt. As we stir  the rice will crack and change the colour. Put off the flame. Let’s shift puffed rice through a sieve. Then heat the  salt well and add a handful of rice. This is very tasty. Please try to make this and share this information to others.

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