How to make  tasty masala tea 

                   Today let’s take a look at how to make a wonderful tea. I am sharing with you the perfect masala tea to drink this monsoon season. Let’s see how to make masala tea. You all like this spicy tea. We are going to make four glasses of tea.


Tea Powder- 2 tsp  

Cloves  – 6

Cinnamon  – a small piece

Cardamom  – 4

Ginger  – a small piece 

Sugar – as needed

Milk  – 2 glass

Water  – 2 glass

             Take a bowl first. Add 200 ml milk to it.  Then boil the milk. We can make tea while the milk is boiling. Take a bowl first for that. Pour two glasses of water into it. Add the crushed ginger, cardamom, cloves , and cinnamon to the water. Wait until the water boils. 

         Bring milk to boil  in one bowl as well as water in another bowl.

When the water boils add tea powder. Then allow the water to boil for 30 seconds. Pour boiling milk into it. Then add sugar as per your requirement. 

             Then boil for another minute and turn off the stove. Our tasty masala tea is ready. Then we can pour it in a glass and serve it. Please try this and share this information to others.

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