How to make tasty beetroot wine

       Today we can see how to make beetroot wine. Beetroot is a root vegetable  .It has essential vitamins, minerals,medicinal properties. It helps to lower cholesterol level. It is a good source of iron. It helps to increase the Hb level.

              It is a good source of fiber,vitamin B9,manganese,iron,potassium,vitamin c. It has many health benefits. It helps to lower the blood pressure. Netroots are high in vitamin  c,it is good for skin. It protects us from ageing,wrinkles.

         Fresh,raw beats can be finely grated and add to salads.It will also increase the immunity power. Bet juice helps to quick relief from constipation.  It helps to liver from inflammation.  

            We can apply beetroot juice to skin to glow.Today we can see how to make tasty  and colour ful beetroot wine.Peel and wash 5 kg beetroot.Cut the beetroot into small pieces. Boil the water and cool it. Take this beetroot in a cooker.Add 2litres water.And stop after blowing a whistle. After cooling well squeeze it.

             Then put this juice in a jar.Filter the juice and pour it into the jar.Crushed 20 cloves,15 cardamom,20 cinnamon  and add 1 glass of broken wheat to it. Put it in a cotton cloth and tie well. Then we can put it in the juice.Add 1 tsp yeast,3 kg sugar, Add 4 liter boiled and cooled water. Mix well .

         The jar can be covered with a cotton cloth and lid. Tighten with a rope. We can take after 21 days .Stir every 3 days.It should be kept in a room without a lot of light.

        Pour some water in to a bowl and place the jar in it. Only three quarters of the wine should be kept in the jar. We will get a tasty,healthy ,colorful  wine.

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