How to make solar emergency light at home

Solar power emergency light

solar light is widely available nowadays and we can make it on our home. We can make it very work with the help of photo voltaic effect. In this solar cell are very important part. A Solar cells consist of positively charge electron and negatively charged electron.
A solar cell is capable of producing a maximum of 0.45volts and the current generated depends on the size of the cell and the amount of sunlight striking on the solar panel

Solar emergency lights are very useful in hiking, car security, camping and outdoor activities. We can buy the components in electric shops or DlY store. It includes
old batteries
Battery holder
LED lamp and switch
Solar panel
plastic box
lithium module
USB converter module
Firstly, we need to put the solar panel in to the plastic box. Therefore, we can see the light perfectly outside, for which we are using 2 resistance and that is 2watt,4.7holm, +ve &-ve resistance. Then, we can tight it with thermocol and next we have to connect to the capacitor’s capacitor is 2.7F and it is fast chargeable, which can connect to the one-way diode.

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