How to make portable firewood stove easily

        Today I would like to inform you about how to make a firewood stove easily. We can use this stove in our courtyard. Gas stoves are limited to basic functions. We all are used gas stoves for many purposes.Sometimes we make extra stove in our courtyard. 

      We all use this stove for frying fish to avoid bad smell in the house. Nowadays most of the houses using fire stoves.Today we can see how to make a firewood stove in our courtyard. It is very easy and useful.

      Take a plastic stool. Cover the plastic stool with thermocol. And make a cement concrete form and put it inside this box. Take a banana peel and place it in to this and cover with cement around it.Place a steel above it and cover with cement.

        Cover above part with thermocol and fill the gaps with cement. After sometimes remove all parts of thermocol and plastic stool,banana peel.we get a wonderful firewood stove.

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