How to make photocopy  without printer


      Photocopy machine is a machine that makes copies of documents onto paper quickly and clearly. Modern photocopies use xerography.It is a dry process that uses electrostatic charges on light sensitive photoreceptor to first attract and transfer toner particles on a paper in the form of image,xerography is used for office copying. Photocopying is mainly used in business, education, and government  sectors. 

       We can see how to make photocopies without a printer. We can use candles  for it.It is a very easy method. We need a steel cup for it. Take a candle and  break it into small pieces. And put it into the steel glass.And heat the steel glass .After the candles dilute add crayons to it. We can use light colored crayons.

           Then pour this solution  on  a plane surface.After cool it,drain it from the surface. We can make any shape from it. Then wait for some time to cool it. Then scrub it on the it on a paper.Then scrub with a coin. Then fold it and press strongly. It helps to copy the letters well. We can make photocopies of pictures also. 

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