How to make money through LIC IPO investment- Rs 13,530,15 shares


      LIC is an Indian state owned insurance group and investment company. It helps to spread the importance of life insurance in rural areas and socially  economically backward classes. LIC provides those individuals with financial cover against death at  reasonable cost. It is a leading life insurance company. It’s headquarter is in mumbai. It is the largest life insurance company in india. LIC life insurance provides ULIP, pension plans, term insurance,child plans, etc. It is established in rural and urban areas in our country. It provides quality of living for the people by providing financial products and services. 

        Life insurance company providers work hard to meet  various life insurance needs of the community. The main objective is to safeguard the interest of life guards and act as  trustee in the individual and collective  capacity. It encourages the participation ali involvement of employees. It provides a variety of online services also. It provides digitalis processes ,creating online databases for the customers. So they provide LIC products and services at the fingertip of customers.

     You can pay life insurance premium online or offline. LIC is the most trusted and oldest  company in our country. Most of the people invest their money to purchase life plans. You can see the LIC of India policy status also. You can complete the registration process by selecting your username and password. The policy holder will get the policy number and premium amount. And  they will get an email. You can select  your insurance in need and render plans that suit you . It  provides money ,death benefits, helps your loved ones access to money when they deserve it.

      It collects  the savings of the people through Life Insurance policy. Invest the money in various markets. It invests  funds in government security. LIC has different plans. It reduces  financial problems. It is very useful for medical emergencies ,hospitalization ,contraction of illness,treatment, etc. It has a 98.2 % claim settlement ratio. They offer high returns on the premium.

      We can see the importance of the LIC IPO. Initial public offering of Life Insurance Corporation of India has received a big response from investors. LIC IPO opened 4th May 2022 and it is going to end on 9 th May ( please contact nearest LIC office ). LIC fixed Rs 902 to 949 equity shares for the issue. They  provide reservation for eligible employees and policy holders. Rs 45 per equity share provides retail investors and employees.

      If you are the holder of the LIC policy you will get an allotment. It is a very big should update pan card Details. You can link pan cards to LIC. Demat account is necessary. You should  ensure to update all details. 

         Total revenue of LIC in 2021 is Rs 730709 crores. The net profit is Rs 2974 crores. Its total asset is Rs 3756404 can also be involved in its IPO. 15 shares  are available in one lot. You can apply for 1 lott at Rs 13530.At May 17,it is traded in NSE,BSE.They provide preference  to their employees and policy holders.They will get discounts.Retailers have the value of share is Rs 902 to 942.  But Policyholders will get a discount of Rs 60. Employees  will get a Rs 45 discount. 

You can participate  easily. You can open demand accounts. Employees  and policy  holders will get benefits from it. 

If you have any doubt, Please visit the nearest LIC office.

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