How to make khas khas from basil leaves

       Today I would like to inform you how to make khas khas  from tulsi(basil). We are using couscous in sarbath and lemon juice etc. It gives taste to it.It gives soothing and cooling effects to the drink. 

        Mainly poppy seeds are used as khas khas. It strengthens our digestive system. It regulates blood pressure. It is a source of fiber,calcium,etc.

    We can make khas khas from tulsi seeds(basil). We can make khus khus from Rama tulsi.we can remove an important  part from its seed. Basil seeds provide coolness to our body.  We can add these seeds in cold drinks.

       The basil seeds have health benefits.  It reduces fat in our body.  We can take a cup of water. Put this basil seeds to it And mix well.  We can see it has a white covering . We can use this the same way as khas khas. It helps to cool our body. 

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