How to make gas from garbage 


     Today I would like to inform you how to make free gas from garbage. Garbage is the waste materials discarded by humans.we can see many types of garbage in the environment. Liquid wastes,medical  wastes,electrical  wastes,kitchen wastes, recyclable wastes,green wastes are seen in our surroundings. 

     We can solve these problems.  It is very dangerous  to our environment. It makes poisonous  surroundings. We can donate clothes. Reduce the food wastes. We can make a plan for meals. Avoid use of plastics. Plastic is non biodegradable and takes millions of years to decompose.Garbage harms physical  habitats,threatening aquatic  life. 

     We can recycle these materials. Wecan make free gas from garbage. It is a very useful  idea.  We can make natural  gas. We can use this gas for cooking, lightning,etc. This gas is called bio gas.

   Take a large barrel.Make a hole on the top and connect a pipe.Make a large hole on the top and connect a large pipe .Attach a connector with pipes . Take a large plastic  bottle  cut and paste at the top of the pipe.

      Make a hole along the middle of the barrel and fit a pipe with glue.connect a pipe above the barrel and attach a closer.We can fill the barrel with garbage like dung water. After 2 days  we will get fire from this garbage. 

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