How to make extension board easily 


     An extension board is used to connect all electronic and electrical devices at one time. It protects them from electrical surges. Extension boards contain multiple electrical circuits connected in parallel to each other. It is connected in a shock proof box. It extends the reach of electrical wall sockets with flexible power cables. Multiple devices can be connected together with an extension board. An extension board consists of multiple sockets connected independently. It can vary in designs. Some extension boards have features like individual switches and LED indicators. LED indicators help to indicate the socket is being currently used. It distributes power equally to the connected devices. It allows all devices to function flawlessly and connect the individual sockets parallel to each other.

     In parallel circuit resistance is connected to a common power source. Every appliance gets its own circuit and equal voltage. Flow of  current in one loop of parallel circuit is not dependent on others. Parallel circuits are very useful in extension boards. The principle of extension boards are simple. Extension boards are designed keeping the power consumption of appliances connected to them. Parallel circuits are capable of drawing heavy currents. It provides surge protection to prevent electrical damage.

     Short extension code will not make a difference to your electricity bill. Extension cord has a bundle of insulated electrical wires with a plug on each end. If the extension cord is not used properly it can overheat and cause fire.The extension board is a great utility product connecting electronic devices simultaneously. 

     You can connect laptops,desktops, television, mobile phones at the same time. You can make extension consists of phase is circulated in sockets through switches and neutral and earth are connected to every socket directly. Electrical current flowing through wires. It generates heat. When too much current flows through wire it can overheat and melt the plastic insulation. 1.5 mm 3 core pure cotton wire is used with the best pvc covering.

     We can see how to make extension boards easily. We can connect all devices  in this extension board safely. It is a simple technique. We need 3 sockets and 3 separate switches to it. Take a board and connect sockets and switches to this board an earth wire(black ) ,remove insulation of this wire and connect to the single pins and screw it. You can use one wire for three sockets 

     Then attach neutral( yellow) commonly to all sockets. Remove insulation and connect to the neutral pins.neutral is attached to the right side pin. Then screw it. We can connect one wire to 3 sockets.Then connect red wire from one pole of one switch to the L pin .Connect the red wires from switch to sockets.if you needed you can use indicators also. If you want mobile charging you can attach extra. 

     Then attach a red  wire  line to the pin of all switches.screw it and all witches are tied and taken out from the board.Then close the cover and screw it. Then buy a three pin and connect yellow wire to the left side of the pin,red wire connected  to the right side of the pin and earth to the top pin. Cover the three pins and screw it .

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