How to make carpet grass fixing,lawn making at Rs 30- Jasmin garden ,Thiruvananthapuram 


      Landscaping is an activity that modifies the visible features of an area of a land. It is the art and craft of growing plants while creating beauty within the landscape. It requires a certain understanding of horticulture and artistic design. Designers refers to landscaping extension of rooms also. We can use outdoor spaces for landscaping. Landscaping varies according to the different regions. Sometimes the land is not fit for landscaping. You should reshape the land to direct water for appropriate drainage. You should have some idea of the scope of landscaping.


     Landscape design is the key to creating an outdoor oasis. If you have a small Courtyard in your house you can transform it into your own yards, Gardens etc. You can make a landscape with natural elements like flora and fauna to privacy trees, stone works ,and water features. Landscaping involves planting trees ,ground cover ,flowering plants and installing features like  walls, fences, paths and patios.


     Landscaping is the creation and maintenance of functional pleasing outdoor spaces in homes, restaurants, building complexes, hotels etc.landscaping can be broken down into two phases. They are design and construction. It consists of planning,research, etc.making a garden by altering the existing design, planting trees and shrubs.


      If you are a landscaper,you should apply fertilizers, maintain landscape designs, remove dead plant materials and oversee repairs. You can do landscaping on a low budget. Use mulch alternatives, build an outdoor fire pit ,select natural perennial ground covers, add Splash of colors, plant useful plants, Re purpose old Tyres and go vertical with gardening.

     You can select shredded leaves. It provides nutrients to your plants. You can use newspaper waterlight and cover with top soil before planting. Create a hanging planter by filling half with the soil and attaching it to a fence. Make man made Garden Pond using tires. You can select vertical space to grow plants. You can use recycled materials like Old plastic bottles.


      You can add a quick splash of colour in the form of flowers in the garden. Once you have finished your backyard budget landscaping project you will want a place to sit back. The best backyard budget landscaping is to reuse and recycle items.


       It can help soften spaces between buildings. It improves environmental quality. It attracts people to the site which helps to create a positive impact. The amount and quality of the light affect the plants that are fit for your yard. Landscaping improves natural resources by reducing soil erosion. It reduces noise pollution. Landscaping with plants and shrubs increases the beauty of a house.


      Lawn is an area where grass is grown as a green carpet for a landscape. It enhances the beauty of the garden. Proper maintenance plays an important part in landscape design. Beautiful lawn can make the entire landscape look beautiful. It sets a suitable background for trees as well as for colourful beds and the borders. 


       You should consider the size and shape of the lawn. The preparation of the site includes digging, levelling and enriching the soil is important. Provision of drainage for excess water should be made. You should level the site with spades.


      Mostly used Doob grass for lawn making. It is fast spreading grass. 30 kg of seed is required for planting one hectare. You should divide the site into small rectangles then mix the seeds with the double quantity of soil and roll again and water liberally with a rose can. Then turfing should be placed on the prepared ground site . The cavities should be filled with fine soil.


     The main methods of lawn making are seeding ,turfing, turf plastering, dibbling roots, and astro turf. Turfing is the quickest method for lawn preparation. Cut the grass into 4 to 6 cm for sowing purposes with stem and roots.mostly landscaping  is expensive. 


      We can see how to make a lawn with low cost. We can purchase and make it easily. It doesn’t need more money. It is a type of Mexican grass . It needs can tolerate low can grow very dense.korean grass is warm season sod forming perennial is low growing, dark green . It needs less water. Carpet grass is perennial, coarse leaves ,creeping grass . It grows on wet soils .It is planted by seed .


     You can add golden bamboo between this lawn grows as 10 feet has Rs can purchase these materials  from Jasmin nursery, Attingal, Thiruvananthapuram. You can buy indoor and outdoor plants,trees from here. We can see how to make carpet like lawns. It is called sod. It is Mexican grass. It has low maintenance. Red soil is very effective for lawn making. 


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