How to make budget friendly house easily- ideas

Home construction is the process of constructing a house. Home construction techniques have evolved to produce the vast multitude of living accommodations. The level of economic activity in home construction is reported as housing starts .The cost of building a house has increased over the past 5 years.with the increase in raw materials for construction, a large amount is needed.The decision to charge higher GST for cement blocks than others will increase the cost. But a lot of companies provided low budget houses.First you should choose the right plot .

The plot level plays a vital role.Select a professional architect will help you save much more overall house construction costs.Good architect helps to optimize the available space while saving cost on materials. Most of the cost occurs due to unnecessary delay in the construction processes.The concept of pre engineered buildings are popular in industrial constructions.The floors and walls are done using cement and gypsum particle boards.It provides faster construction and lower construction costs.Do not change the plan after starting the construction. Ut can significantly increase the house construction costs.It hamper the quality of the structure.

You should consider the initial cost and total cost of the construction. You should select quality materials. It will last longer .You can use blended cement, which helps to reduce the total cost and overall maintenance. You can buy building materials in bulk.cement,bricks,blocks doors, windows, bathroom fittings, pipes can be bought in bulk. It helps to save costs.

Everyone wants to construct a home where they can cherish their memories.Many people find it a large investment in their should try to save to get maximum value of their price.Some people go for loans. When people want to make their dreams into reality it is very hard to fulfill. Middle class families investing their whole life income on building a home.But we can reduce the construction costs easily.

Select a right plot .Always select roadside plot where transportation facilities and reduces the transportation costs.Confirm the electricity and water supply area.prepare the structural drawings for the house.structural drawings including foundation plan details, framing plan,column,beam plan details. From these structural drawings, you can calculate the amount of rod,sand.cement and materials and finishing materials are increasing the should choose proper materials for finishing and buying in bulk quantities.

If you want to reduce the costs,you can select modern technology. You can use prefabricated can purchase materials from local vendors, it will reduce transportation costs .labor costs is the largest part of construction. You should calculate the work in hours .Cement flooring is a great option for reducing costs.Reduce the number of walls .It reduces the surface area and decreases the cost.

We can see how to reduce the construction cost easily. It is very useful for everyone. If you buy a plot,you should study about the plot. You should check how to get water to the plot and check if there is any electric post and lines nearer to the plot.check there is any way to drain water from your plot and there is any water scarcity.

Then check the foundation of the neighbourhood, and if there are any cracks. Normal well is the perfect choice for drinking water. So you should buy a plot where you will get normal water easily. If the rain water drains to our plot,it will cause problems for you.we would be forced to elevate our ground level.our basement level may get may occur problems in the future.

If there are any cracks in the foundation of the neighbour,you should check the settlement tendency of soil.If you want to start building a house in this low bearing capacity of soil,you should select column footing foundation.But it is a very expensive method. When the soil has enough bearing strength, you can select RR should check the road, should elevate the ground level

You can select an architect or engineer. If you are a select engineer, their fee is Rs 5/ square should prepare a perfect can select red stone for foundation.


If the soil is laterite, you can select stone for foundation. It is a low cost idea.if there is loose soil,you can select an inverted T shape concrete foundation .If the soil is wet,you can select column footing. If there is clay soil in the pot,you can select
Pole foundation. You should consult an engineer to strengthen the foundation. It needs 2 weeks.

Then make a 6 feet wide,7 feet length can know about the character of your can select the foundation. Then place the basement and provide a belt above it. wet the belt for 2 weeks. Then fill the place with soil. It costs 9 to 10% of project costs.for a normal foundation. At this time it has Rs 1700/ square feet. You can select quality materials,but the cost increases.


You can visit the quarry to select the bricks. If you want to select solid bricks for construction, you can visit the shops and select the perfection of the bricks.

Door frames are set as the basis of religious beliefs. You should check the work of the labourers. You can select labourers. Then set the Lindell,sunshade,staircase,slabs wiring 11/2 months. Then starting wiring,pipes in the sitouts. Steps,Lindell costs 11 to 12% of project cost.

Then speed up the construction of the roof before the rainy season. Mainslab construction is very expensive. You should check it very carefully. Otherwise they can’t mix properly. It may cause problems in the future. It has a 5% cost of project cost.Check the light,fan points,hooks,etc.

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